Danielson Incorporated
Company Safety Programs

Our Safety Programs are Administered and Managed by the Principal Craig S. Danielson, an OSHA Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA) in Telecommunications. In addition, Mr. Danielson has 42 Years of Hands-On and Program Management Experience in Aviation, Motor, and Ground Safety with decades of safety compliance, workforce training, and administrative experience in Military Service and with the FAA, FBoP, DoD, Railroad, and Commercial Projects.

Our Workforce is highly trained and completely focused on the principals of "Safety First-No One Gets Hurt" as demonstrated by 14 Safety Awards over the Last 20 Years. The Last Three Years, we have been named as one of "Nebraska's Safest Companies" by the Safety and Health Council of Nebraska.

On countless Projects we have been asked to do the impossible while maintaining the highest standards in safety in all kinds of conditions. Our OSHA 300 Logs and continuous low EMR (2017-2018 .82) demonstrate this committment to Safety.