Danielson Incorporated
Previous Projects

A Sampling of Major Projects Completed:

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE
Reroute and Reconfiguration of Campus Wide Fiber and Copper Network to Accomodate New Cancer Research Center.  Ongoing

UPRR-BNSF Railroad Expansion, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska
Reroute existing Fiber Optic Networks (Sprint-MCI/Verizon-CLECs) for additional rail expansion projects.  85 Miles in 2014 to Present.

Nebraska and Eastern Iowa, (Multiple Rural Telecom and Fiber Optic Companies)
Placement of over 500 miles of Fiber Optic Cable via Underground Installations (i.e., directional bore, plow, trenching, backhoe)

Council Bluffs, IA, IADOT/Alltel/NEDOT
Placement of 12,000 ft. of Fiber across newly constructed south Omaha bridge, disconnection of existing fiber and reconnection of new fiber within contracted low traffic timeframe

Omaha, NE, OPS/WindStream
Placement of 5,800 ft. of fiber and 3,200 ft. of HDPE/PVC, handholes and handhole integration for school systems connection, 6 aerial buildouts, 33 OSP and ISP splices and network reconfigures

Bellevue, NE Bellevue Public School/WindStream
Placement of 3,460 ft. of fiber and 2,100 ft. of HDPE, 8 splices and reconfigures, handholes and manholes integration for school systems connection

Kansas City, KS, MODOT/KDOT/LightCore
Placement of 7,770 ft. of 6" Steel pipe across the Missouri River Bridge and BNSF Rail Yard Bridge with 17,600 ft. of 3-HDPE, fiber placement and splicing

Council Bluffs, IA, IADOT
Placement of 26,500 ft. of fiber and 8,000 ft. of HDPE with handhole and manhole integration and 5 midsheath splices and tests

Council Bluffs, IA, Public Works
Placement of 19,500 ft. of 2" HDPE for street light integration and connection, existing and new network reconfigure and connection

Bellevue, NE, Alltel Communications
Placement of 20,850 ft. of fiber in exisiting OPPD/Qwest Duct with 3,850 ft. of 3-HDPE.  Constructuion for diverse route entry into exisiting switch location.

Kansas City, KS, LightCore/Cingular
Placement of 15,500 ft. of 2-HDPE, Handholes, Manholes and Fiber in rock and rocky soil for new Cingular Switch.

Hondo, TX, Williams Communication/TXDOT
Placement of 10,455 ft. of 3-HDPE, Handoles and Fiber in rock for TXDOT.

Valley/Fremont, NE, Qwest Communications
Placement of 50,000 ft. of fiber in support of new interconnect between rural and central office locations.

Sanderson, TX, MCI Communications
Placement of 65,812 Ft. of MicroTube and MicroFiber in exisiting MCI Long-Haul fiber system from Sanderson to Marathon Texas across Pecos Mountains.

Dakota City, SD, Qwest Communications
Placement of 22,500 ft. of new copper cable intoo exisiting subdivision at Dakota Dunes, SD

Omaha, NE, OPPD
Placement of 36,500 ft. of fiber in one continuous piece through 73 OPPD manholes in support of new OPPD data center